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New Automotive Electronic System Component Solutions

In future automotive electronic systems, as the demand for safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, comfort and entertainment increases, the related components and their Shipments of peripheral products will also continue to grow rapidly. Many of the design challenges in automotive electronics require solutions to be considered from the component level up. Around this topic, new sensors, protection devices, and high-voltage connectors are introduced for automotive power control, safety systems, communication and entertainment, and Applications such as charge and discharge systems.

Jun 21,2020

The crisis of the fiber optic field connector and coping strategies

The year 2011 is a big year for FTTH construction in China. Fiber optic cable accounts for 60% of global usage, field connectors account for 70% of global usage, and conservatively estimates that the nation's end-to-end usage has reached 20 million units.

Jun 22,2020

Warm congratulations on the revision of Suzhou Huajun Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd.'s website on line!

Suzhou Huajun Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in Mudu, a thousand-year-old town on the shore of Taihu Lake with beautiful scenery, which was founded in July 2003.

Jun 22,2020

What is a wire connector?

Wire connector is actually a wire connector, we have seen a lot of wire accidents, part of the wire overload caused by the use of the The other part of the problem is caused by a loose wire connector. So, although the wire connector is small, but in the circuit engineering plays an extremely important role.

Jun 23,2020

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