Customer Service

Adhering to the quality policy of "improving product quality and promoting high-quality projects".


  Respecting customers, understanding customers and creating value for customers is our service tenet, and we do our best to solve customers' problems. is our service concept. We must use the "heart" to communicate, with "six hearts" to service.

  First, care and love: stand in the customer's point of view, grasp the mood and needs of customers, anxious about the urgent needs of customers; in advance for customers to think of the problem, the problem in the bud, to prevent the expansion of the problem.

  Second, sincere and careful: from the heart as their customers as their parents; meticulous and considerate of customers, to do some practical things for customers, so that customers feel the importance of your existence.

  Third, attentive and persistent: to treat and complete each work and service with the utmost care, for each customer's request for advice, declaration, complaints, etc. to do everywhere, everything someone in charge; depending on the service as a career, quality of life, perseverance.

  Service negligence is often tiny, a moment, but the customer's injury and stay in the customer's heart of frustration is a long time, and the customer's heart is a long time. spread, the loss of corporate image may also be sustained, and constantly extend the amplification, which is why we put forward the "wholehearted" in the service of The concept of "full strength, conscientious". No matter old or new customers, we should use the standard of "full-hearted, conscientious" to complete every customer service. Mission. Through the service of "all-out, dedicated" in exchange for customer satisfaction and our comfort.



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